Thursday, November 27, 2008

my oldest buddy

Actually today (Thursday) is Pete's birthday but he prefer staying at home since its weekdays after some regular hard work day. So we will celebrate the late birthday dinner with him tomorrow as my darling Selvi will take my kids and my domestic worker Thida out to the zoo.

After work, took MRT to City Hall where i waited for my buddy Klaus, who arrived here from Germany. Excited to see him again after my last dinner with him 2 years back. He used to be my art director of APA whom i worked with for 3 years.

We had talked and talked by writing on a ton of papers. And had a nice dinner @ Swissotel the Stamford's Out of the Pan. At 9ish striked out, i have to rush out to pick my boy from my mom's @ Braddell MRT. So missed him soo much...

Arrived at Braddell MRT control where Owen waited for me, i waved at him to come over to me... and gave him a huge hug and a wet kiss. hehe... We talked abt the other things on way back to home. Returned the rental dvds - Enchanted and Game Plan to DVD machine which stands by entrance of AMK hub.

my dish - Black pepper beef rolled in whole-wheat wrapper...

Klaus tried to take all of it - Crepe with vanilla, rum and raisin.

Owen put up a big smile behind the giant chrissy tree at AMK hub.

Monday, September 22, 2008

For Regina

Another batch of hand-made stuffs for Regina. She will be giving her lovely grandson who lives in Australia next month.

What i made the stuffs: bolster case (she asked for the one that i took sample bolester case in yellow from her to make a copy one), baby towel, burp cloth and bunny felted with grandson's name.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another crafty ones!

Look at what i have done with my new fabrics. The quilted passport cover i just made today. And also done with other passport covers came with initial names for my friend Barbara -- she wants to gift her friends. They wrapped up in lovely glassine envelopes, labelled with my shop labels. Off to wrap into the tissue paper, awaiting for Barb to pick up.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Replaced Bunny???

Ashley's old bunny with lovely pink floral that she "complained" that the other side is ruined felt. So i made another "big sister" bunny which fabric is well-known designer Amy Butler -- Tree Peony in Sky on one side and other side came with Natural Calico cotton. It took me less than a hour to finish it off. Phew!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

finally they are here!

finally i am glad that i made few passport covers and two of them have been sold out to a friend. last night i spent a couple of times to design my simple banner for my shop but have not listed my crafty items what i made yet... need to write good details (of cos very short and simple that is enough).
another project - i was inspired by betz white and her very creative stuffs. one of them - bunny that i have been tried out - it did not completed after some lazy weeks... i took some time to finish off this morning and put outside the laundry window to allow the hot sun to kill the "germ" stuffs from the bunny for some hours before my little girl can play and hug it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

BAD saturday!!!

on the lazy saturday, i dropped my kids at the church for the catechism class as usual. randy was waiting for me there and drove me to his place where his wife regina waited for me... oh my god, randy showed me the bad crash at the back of his lovely car. he said the caused due to bad raining that the other driver crashed by accident. then i took the second shot of his licence plate for 4-D... hehe...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

milky floral passport cover

the passport with the cover, made of heavy natural linen with pink floral part and "E" i made today... it is being sold to a friend. isn't it cute!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

shop spree for linens

finally i dragged my sis and mom to chinatown for the yummy lunch and shop for some fantastic fabrics there... and bought few yards of linens in different colors. am sooo excited to make some crafty out of this fabrics...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

some, some more crafty!!!

made few key chains and sakura flower.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome my new "hubby" - BROTHER sewing machine!

lets welcome my new hubby BROTHER PETE - sewing machine. i must say - my mom is excellent seamstress since i was young. she used to make bikini, panties, pencil cases, reversible bags and even patchworked my blankets. so far we still have our patchwork blankets from her. later i will ask mom to give me a few tips on this issue as she is now busy taking care of little Darren (son of my cousin).

firstly headed to Bishan's BEST that i was thought to get the new sewing machine but saw all the items branded SAKURA which cost more than few hundreds, not worth to buy one as myself not very skilled "tailor". took MRT back to Ang Mo Kio's COURTS and found a new hubby... yah i used it more than few hours before giving Pete a break... :p

i used the small cotton fabric to test my "new" hubby Pete and it worked fun... and first time made the small key-chain with felted "B" (as for my friend Barbara) .

Sunday, March 23, 2008

spa... spa... spa...

today met my colleague Levi at bugis mrt before headed to Wayan Retreat Balinese Spa... very nice place with ideal interior design. first foto of balinese spa entrance door which you will see the stone steps with floods of water and flowers... 2nd one is front desk. the last one to lead you to spa place...

felt on Good Friday!

on good friday, i killed my time by making several felt stuffs within 1.5 days...

my colleague coleen is going to give birth this coming may... i created the felt key-chain for her. the solid pink flower on top. and at the back, sewn with pink name "COLEEN"... finished off and put into a lovely simply paper bag with a little ribbon to sign off.

another felt key-chain for friend - violet flower with "transparent" beads on top. sewn up with "regina" at back.
i need a pincushion for myself as i always search up and down when i leave the pins and needles unattendedly, i saw some idea from "verybigjen" on flickr. i must say "verybigjen" is a queen pincushion. this one is more tough task for me... but its worth of my little effort!
another crafty stuff - semi-felt-cum-cotton cloth bunny. i got a tutorial from betz white on eblog - she is great at various task. i jus want to taste her idea with different idea of me to create one for my little girl. i added "ashley" and heart on pink felt and other side is 100% cotton which came as scrap that i bought off from its half way as i don't have sewing machine at home as i may get a little help from a friend or at my mom's. yah, i will upload the final foto of this bunny when i am done! :0

Thursday, March 20, 2008

final touch-up for the BEN-10

my little owen never stop bugging me for that item - i got it done quickly.... and name it as orangish owen at the back. mmmm am much happy to see the "Ben 10" in exact way as it is. yah owen is thrilled to have it on his bag...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Floss Bobbins in ORDER!

i have been having the colorful threads for years... that i used for the various usage on cross stitches, felt stuffs... etc. the threads are in messy condition until i found some useful floss bobbis on ebay and bidded on 2 sets which i jus rec'd. of cos happily organised them into my container...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Recycled Endpapers???

i have been gathered all the nice endpapers from my work that they don't need the endpapers (samples) once the books published. all the endpapers piled up into a little mountain and i brought them home and recycled them into ideal envelopes... somehow i use them for christmas or other purposes can be used...

Final done!!!

am glad that the felt "Anush & Kumar" sewn up well and went with leaves and flowers. sent out to framing shop and had it matching frame. their wedding is coming next week - 8th march, sat. i will give them in person with our "red packet" as traditional way.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yu Sheng

our dept decided to have our own yu-sheng order - yummy....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

felt ideas!

at home, owen often talked abt his big fan cartoon -- Ben 10 non-stop. it made me sick of this and my ears got "ear-ached". it gave me another idea that i can make "BEN 10" out of felt material to make him feel good.

finally i did it and it looked fabulous. yes, owen is thrilled to have it on his school-bag. but its not completed yet. need to joint with the grosgrain ribbon and key-ring.

we have rec'd the wedding invitation card from pete's cousin's daughter anusha who is getting married to her to-be-hubby kumar who is living in washington, usa. planning to have a nice felt with some embroidery in frame so they can hang in their home nest back in usa after their marriage. will show you on my coming blog once it finishes.

i find that felt materials not cheap anywhere. i bought 2 colors - natural green and prefect pink - each metre costs SGD18.00 from spotlight. the rest i bought from ebay usa. cos the color in singapore not good color or none of them is not nature color that i want. only outside have a various nice colors.

Friday, February 8, 2008

cookies cookies cookies

jus 2 days before the chinese new year, we decide to make some cookies for the fun that i have not baked the cookies for the ages despite i did with some cakes and cupcakes from time to time.

finally we made some hearty cookies with cashew-nuts on the top.
little kids made some fun on making cookies...

before baking cooking...

another idea for book-mark

last night, i spent 2 hours to create my own book-mark which beared my lovely family on it - was taken in gold coast's sea world in nov '07. it made me feeling soo nice... natural brown with bright blue on family name. or colorful image with embossed name... still have not decide on one yet!