Wednesday, May 16, 2007

extreme makeover...

finally i touch my home up at last with lovely stuffs...

grilled pete sooo deep that we bought the curtain pole from spotlight and put up at my master room window... the floral curtains from IKEA made by my mom.

bought a pair of holland wooden-shoes from tanglin mall's flea-market.

the navy clothes from IKEA were for kitchen purposes but changed my mind that used for the semi-curtain at my hallway... NICE and PERFECT!!!

at kitchen side... stored with some useful books and others... elephant in painting was bought from bangkok, thailand last dec. the glassed-jug looks so nice that i used the wrapping paper to keep in.

the clayed-pot painted by my buddy tania's mother... was given on her visiting to my home many years ago (time before ash's time)

"M" in wooden made by pete - stands for MARANS.

another made "A" and "O" stand for ASHLEY and OWEN, sitting between the 3-D bears framed up from my cousin lily, on the large piping that lead to air con.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

mother's day

after movie SPIDER-MAN 3, met up with other cousin jen and given a bunch of lovely flowers - a double-flowered cultivated variety of clove red flowers with other "wild" ones with her compliments. arent they nice? while i get the glassed vase ready for flowers... found a green worm in one of flowers.

greenish worm

close-up carnations

finally in vase...

brought more spice to my home... mmm

spidey movie

thanks to berkeley books for the free 4-ticket to movie for mother's day that can accompany us - 2 adults and 2 kids -- that's perfect plan. knowing that my kids are thrilled to watch spidey show. booked the tickets at bishan's 81 junction.

free tickets to any movie

that boy cant wait to wear his spidey jacket before heading to movie

killing his tiny time by play boxing with his "rival" while waiting for the show time

that "poster" took shot by owen

Sunday, May 6, 2007

crocs crocs crocs

at the amk hub, i bought a pair of the most-comfy crocs sandals - costed at SGD64.00...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

joshua party

finally joshua's birthday came up today... he's growing up as a little guy... lovely his parents jay and barb home-made the birthday spidey-cake... mmm soo nice. i gave them 5-stars and the two thumb-ups cos they were not experience with art stuffs... KEEP IT UP!

spidey cake home-made by jay and barb

that's birthday boy joshua in spidey costume...

joshua talked to my boy owen holding spidey toy...

that's joshua's big sister ally, ushered out little friends...

nice to see old friends kathleen and joy around...

take a shot of us on own -- myself and regina

hee hee justine put "fake" smile, isn't he????

long waiting waiting

went down to bugis area to collect the newly-issued passport on behalf of pete as he's working today which is his new job since one week ago... am glad to know that he's much happily working now. rushed up to 2nd floor as i know its very hellish crowd as its lazy saturday. ALAMAK! its few hundred more turns... my kids made fussy over this bored waiting. hehehe!

look at my number "3096"

now its "2838"... yawn... ZZzz...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Passage to Maran home...

Hi, here's very-virgin-view of my newly renovated master and master bathrooms...

~before and after~

common bathroom
nice to have a newly bathroom with new tiles...
master bathroom
this lovely cabinet hand-made by Pete and sprayed with solid white before hanging in my master toilet -- happily decorated with my fave stuffs lined up where i can use often before going out or work...
that frog is having cool shower -- was gifted from a old classmate Lisa

dinning room
main balcony
main balcony at night...
make-over indo-style sofa
thanks to my buddy Violet who gave it a makeover....
new shoe cabinet at main entrance next to balcony
cozy living room
day-bed that i bought from "recycled" IKEA and adopted the cushions from my former sofa which dumped away. IKEA white and blue covers tailored by my dear mom.
my collections
collected the insight guides books during my time with APA

love a lamp shade a lot -- from IKEA

my earring collections hangs along the edge of candle glass holder.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

labour day rose day...

what a day! off to my mom's place -- she was not feeling well since few days... and need a real BIG break away from my home as my kids always fought non-stop every min every hour! i decide to take one kid away with me to see my mom.

ash on bus 159 , heading to my mom's place

freaked out at ash who tried to take a shot of me...

what a bunch of lovely roses that given to me by my little owen that he knelt down to hand me this bunch... what a little man!!!