Monday, February 18, 2008

Yu Sheng

our dept decided to have our own yu-sheng order - yummy....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

felt ideas!

at home, owen often talked abt his big fan cartoon -- Ben 10 non-stop. it made me sick of this and my ears got "ear-ached". it gave me another idea that i can make "BEN 10" out of felt material to make him feel good.

finally i did it and it looked fabulous. yes, owen is thrilled to have it on his school-bag. but its not completed yet. need to joint with the grosgrain ribbon and key-ring.

we have rec'd the wedding invitation card from pete's cousin's daughter anusha who is getting married to her to-be-hubby kumar who is living in washington, usa. planning to have a nice felt with some embroidery in frame so they can hang in their home nest back in usa after their marriage. will show you on my coming blog once it finishes.

i find that felt materials not cheap anywhere. i bought 2 colors - natural green and prefect pink - each metre costs SGD18.00 from spotlight. the rest i bought from ebay usa. cos the color in singapore not good color or none of them is not nature color that i want. only outside have a various nice colors.

Friday, February 8, 2008

cookies cookies cookies

jus 2 days before the chinese new year, we decide to make some cookies for the fun that i have not baked the cookies for the ages despite i did with some cakes and cupcakes from time to time.

finally we made some hearty cookies with cashew-nuts on the top.
little kids made some fun on making cookies...

before baking cooking...

another idea for book-mark

last night, i spent 2 hours to create my own book-mark which beared my lovely family on it - was taken in gold coast's sea world in nov '07. it made me feeling soo nice... natural brown with bright blue on family name. or colorful image with embossed name... still have not decide on one yet!

DIY key-chains

finally made another felt crafty stuffs - key-chain / handbag charm.... i have made both-sided on each item:
wool flower was re-cycled from ash's old top which out-grew and had been keep since now. the colorful beads was bought from holland village's bead factory.

the hot pink scotty dog is my little fave... isn't it cute?

my little ash tried to get another crafty idea to have scotty dog as " scotty key-chain"... hand-made by herself...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

killing boring time!!!

on first sat of february, my kids' catechism classes began... at holy spirit church in thomson area. i often feel boring very quickly, i took a nice snack at opposite - dino - very nice foods from cakes to home-cooked foods to makan. i brought my 'fave' book "CUT! -- hollywood murders, accidents, and other tragedies" by john-michael howson, with me to read while having a lime juice and roll cake.
with book-mark by berkeley books