Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another crafty ones!

Look at what i have done with my new fabrics. The quilted passport cover i just made today. And also done with other passport covers came with initial names for my friend Barbara -- she wants to gift her friends. They wrapped up in lovely glassine envelopes, labelled with my shop labels. Off to wrap into the tissue paper, awaiting for Barb to pick up.


Ana Luisa said...

First time here and I loved your blog!


ThE MaRaNs said...

hi nice to know your comment on my blog. your craft is good. i have not updated my old blog as i just created a new blog that i need time to import old blog into new one.

i love your item - chloe bed stuffs - very nice.

ThE MaRaNs said...

hi i did one blog on you: