Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome to this WORLD!!!

finally i managed to find time in making this lovely felt-hanging for my colleague sook fan and her hubby alphone before she jus gave birth to a cute baby girl... on 18th july 2007.

a day-old princess is having a rest at hospital... coooo... coooo...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Invitation card for my buddy!

i'm making my buddy jules' boyfriend daniel's birthday invitation cards. firstly i headed to orchard area where the shop sells some fancy papers which weighed ard 160gm per sheet which is great for cards or anything like book-marks... etc.

drafted some at home and sent to jules for her "approval" before i printed out and trimed them. finally i did and expressed them to her work place. glad to hear that they loved it sooooooo much.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Grüße aus Deutschland (Greetings from Germany)

few days back, i emailed max for the correct address to update my address book and rec'd the reply from him with the "recent" fotos...

this friend of me, max -- long-long-time friend whom i know from APA (german company, published travel guide books) i worked for many years ago. yah we keep in touch from fax to letter to email non-stop. he's damn busy as a family man. sooo cute kids of his - LUISA, 7, nearly finishes her first year of school and KONSTANTIN, 5 still in the "

they often went holiday in EU when they can...

skiing in switzerland in feb '07.

max, his wife kerstin, and his kids luisa and konstantin, took a shot a few weeks ago.