Thursday, November 27, 2008

my oldest buddy

Actually today (Thursday) is Pete's birthday but he prefer staying at home since its weekdays after some regular hard work day. So we will celebrate the late birthday dinner with him tomorrow as my darling Selvi will take my kids and my domestic worker Thida out to the zoo.

After work, took MRT to City Hall where i waited for my buddy Klaus, who arrived here from Germany. Excited to see him again after my last dinner with him 2 years back. He used to be my art director of APA whom i worked with for 3 years.

We had talked and talked by writing on a ton of papers. And had a nice dinner @ Swissotel the Stamford's Out of the Pan. At 9ish striked out, i have to rush out to pick my boy from my mom's @ Braddell MRT. So missed him soo much...

Arrived at Braddell MRT control where Owen waited for me, i waved at him to come over to me... and gave him a huge hug and a wet kiss. hehe... We talked abt the other things on way back to home. Returned the rental dvds - Enchanted and Game Plan to DVD machine which stands by entrance of AMK hub.

my dish - Black pepper beef rolled in whole-wheat wrapper...

Klaus tried to take all of it - Crepe with vanilla, rum and raisin.

Owen put up a big smile behind the giant chrissy tree at AMK hub.

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