Sunday, September 23, 2007

little outing with ash!

sorry i was away from my eblog for a couple of months. i can't recall where we went to this time... had a nice shot of my ash at AMK mrt during our outing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

birthday wishes from germany!

the otto-wolf family never failed remembering my birthday since my marriage then... at work today, rec'd the wishes of HAPPY BIRTHDAY email from max, kerstin and their kids, attached with their lovely photos here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

"mysterious" parcel from belgium!

soooo sweet of ann and kristof sending me the "mysterious" parcel... all the way from belgium. arrived at my office at 5ish evening. i got my colleague coleen to drive me home with that not-sooo-small-cum-not-sooo-big parcel, in order not to mess up with crowded bus. otherwise, i could not hold parcel well before it will drop off me. thanks to her.

there's 3 CDs that kristof whipped up all the "best" belgian songs and some kris-style classics... aren't they cool??? i bet they are. the rest is belgian jules destrooper caramelized butter biscuits, cote d'or chocolate butter and cote d'or four season mignonnette flavoured with coffee, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with ground halzenuts and extra high quality plain chocolate. and cute birthday card which came with printed out of their photo he pasted on.

arrived at my desk...

on my way home... from the front passenger seat in coleen's car...

kristof created his own classic-style CD with nature foto... as well as birthday card.

well-known belgian cookies from jules destrooper

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New York Post

had a quickie dinner at new york restaurant with ash while peter and owen were taking their nap at home (cos he had a little fever that we can't take him along). feeling sorry that he was not with us, otherwise he insisted on coming with us despite his sick. jus want to treat ash to new york dinner as i know she jus wants all is candy floss which is free.

mmmm yummy... had simple foods - fiery buffalo wings, root beer float and penne alferdo with a half chicken (my fave one!)

new york post menu

looking over the menu...

penne alferdo with half chicken... yummy...
yah you should try it when you can. TRUST ME!!!

maran schedule at last!!!

at last i booked tickets to gold coast and tasmania online from - thanks to all the help i got from yhi hua.

there would be 7 weeks more to go... after the confirmation of SQ and virgin blue tickets from their office and i "cooked" up the new schedule (attached here where you can see).

that one i planned out for my friends in OZ that they will know when and time to pick us from the airports respectively.

Peter Pest???

on the way to amk central to get some stuffs for my crafty hobby as well as posted some ebay items to the buyers. was amused at sight of the white van, labelled with "peter pest" cos its my hubby name is peter. i smiled widely and wondered if he works for the pest? if he does, i will faint at pest smell...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome the little Luke!!!

the little luke broke his doting mom liping's water bag at 8am, 28th august. at last, delivered to this world at 12:49pm, weighted at 3.72kg, length at 53cm at birth. let's congratulate the proud parents...

proud father mike looked on his darling luke... at mt. alvernia hotel.

Monday, September 10, 2007

shopping with mom

what a worn-out day... after hard work day, heading to my mom's for dinner. nice to feel home again although i no longer stayed there since i got married 16 years ago. and rec'd the nice mobile strap with flower clay from sis janet (her buddy was vacation from hawaii).

then went out with her to toa payoh hub and bought mom samsung mp3 player. she's thrilled to use it... came with free cool pink case.

after long shopping, we went home separately and finally came home and a quickie shower before jumping in my nest... sooo nice to feel great at home again with my fave candle-lit gave me a fab feel during bed time. good nite!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

crafty again

at finally, my mom made the sofa cushion covers, took extra cloth from the IKEA long curtains which cut off at the bottom and had enough to cover up. the re-filled cushions were given from pete's current company.



bought the colorful bead necklace from holland village's bead factory on sale! i like that style but did not like as its tooo much for me so i cut some off and mixed with turquiose stones, retailed at SGD5.00 from my home area.

had enough of tough time... almost finished beading the long necklace and got my pete to hold up while he asked me to switch on air con in our room, but the nylon string got away from my damn-clumpy hands. it end up giving all the beads "run and jumped wildly" everywhere. my little ash picked every bead and stored back in my bead box. determined to be finishing the necklace again which took me more than one hour at same time as chatting with friend on MSN.



isn't it pretty???

Saturday, September 8, 2007

bad luck!!!

sob... sob... broke my loved jade-pendant that originally craved by the native maori (a member of the aboriginal people of new zealand) that pete bought for me during his performance period. broken thrice and glued back thrice. yeah, it broke my heart. was bought at NZ$120.

ruined jade-pendant

Friday, September 7, 2007

ebay day!!!

damn... soo bulky items to pack for each buyer. but great to make some money from selling the un-wanted items at home than dump them away, agree? and also re-used the recycled ebvelopes and also use the IKEA brown "recycled" wrapping paper (a roll at SGD1.90, can last me for a year)